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Property survey

Snagging Inspection

In-depth scan of a property’s finishing condition, electrical and plumbing systems, ACs, and more, backed by pictures to support findings.

Property survey

Warehouse H&S Survey

Comprehensive technical and health & safety assessment of warehouses and production facilities to ensure hedging of risks.

Benefits of an Inspection

Save energyCooling & Heating Optimization
Save energyWater Leaks Control
Save energyPaint Finishing & Tiling Perfection
Save energyFire Prevention
Save energyInsulation & Energy Bill Reduction
Save energyEletrical Appliances Protection
Aviod airAir Quality Control
Real Estate & Home Inspection by Properscan
Ensure Full Transparency of
Real Estate Transactions

When signing into a new property, your legal right is to be fully aware of any potential issues. Don't let anyone take this right away from you! We are here to provide you with an honest and independent technical opinion so that you can take the proper decison accordingly.

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Why Properscan

Properscan is committed to providing you with the best advice on the market!

Independent party

Independent 3rd Party

Our services are provided in an independent and unbiased manner as we have no affiliations with owners / landlords or maintenance companies.

Experience team

Experienced Team

Our engineers are Certified Professional Inspectors with at least 10 years of experience in the property inspection field.

World class methodology

World Class Methodology

We follow Global & UAE standards for proper real estate surveys; our methodology is based on years of experience of a collection of engineering mindsets.

Affordable price

Affordable Price

Our services are carefully priced to suit both tenants and buyers; inspection packages are designed to suit all your needs.

Additionl benefits

Additional Benefits

We will provide you with the best advice on the market through our additional inspection checklist.

Quick book to delivery service

Instant Booking & Same-Day Report

Save time through instant inspection service booking and same-day report delivery, following our thorough quality control review.

The Importance of a Technical Assessment

It’s crucial to thoroughly inspect a property before making any transactional decisions. An extensive technical assessment by Properscan can reveal several issues, helping you make the right choice

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a house off-plan, your main worry is about receiving a property that meets your expectations. Does the actual property match with the drawings that you have been dreaming about? Your Properscan inspection report will highlight any existing issues to be fixed by the developer before you are officially handed over your dream home.

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In most cases, building / community maintenance teams are only equipped to fix minor issues. For major issues, the process of reparation is usually lengthy and time-consuming. Furthermore, repairing major issues sometimes requires vacating the property for several days and / or limits the homeowner’s ability to leave the house during the reparation process. Get your future home scanned before you move in, to avoid such inconvenience!

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The most common issues identified during a snagging inspection are:

  1. Plumbing connections leaks (e.g., waste line leak under sinks)
  2. Sub-optimal insulation leading to an increase in electricity bill to regulate temperature loss
  3. Unconventional electrical wiring that might result in damages to electrical components
  4. Accumulation of moisture in walls and ceilings
  5. Damages in fire alert systems
  6. Doors / windows hardware and mechanism defects

Make sure that all these issues are highlighted before moving in your new home!

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The inspection is intended to provide you with a fast reliable opinion regarding the technical condition of the property that you are acquiring. Our proprietary methodology is built to provide you with the fastest professional assessment (you will get the report on the same day!) which will not delay your transaction in any way. In fact, you will be able to take a more confident decision when equipped with our detailed inspection report.

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Your legal right is to be fully aware of any potential issues in your future home. This means full transparency regarding the technical condition of your future asset. We are here to provide you with an honest and independent technical opinion so that you can take the proper decision accordingly. Restricting your ability to get a third-party inspection typically raises red flags (e.g., major hidden issues).

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